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Thank you stopping by, let me introduce ourselves, we are Annie and Ben a married couple both on the wrong side of thirty. 


Not so recently, we witnessed a series of horrifying slow motion train wrecks as all our friends back home got settled down, signed mortgages, had babies and got themselves auto focused on climbing those rickety career ladders. 
On the other hand Ben and I didn’t fancy the mortgage idea, nor did we have any desire of kids anytime soon. We wanted to escape the rat race and the dreaded 9-5. We packed up whatever we could into a couple of 7kg carry-on’s and took to the skies on the 19th of October 2014. chronicles the stresses, success, 🙂 ’s and 🙁 ’s about living life on the road and making money on laptops. We want to show you how to experience the world with as little as possible (we’re talking both cash and stuff in you backpack)